Birlou story

The BIRLOU would come from a forgotten elixir of the ancient gods of the deep french volcanic center France. The potion would have been served each year to celebrate the fall equinoxe and was only prepared by fairies with red autumnal color hairs. The recipe was mixing first harvested apples and chestnuts, with some secret botanicals. It was perfectly combining freshness and sweetness in a succulent cordial, in addition to giving strength to prepare for winter days.

The savor of the apple, the mystery of the chestnut

Le BIRLOU is a deliciously handsome french liqueur to fall in love with. A fruity nose, gourmand, with slightly acidulous green apple flavor and vanilla notes. A generous mouth, with first a fruity savor of crispy green apple, evolving towards a warm roundness of marron-glacé candied-chestnut, and a finish of caramelised "tatin" apple pie savor.

The friends of Le Birlou