Drink side

Birlou Kir

20 ml Bilrou,
100 ml white or sparkling wine,
ice cubes.

Beer Birlou

Back to thje rrots, the mix that launched the "gods of Auvergne liqueur!"
50 ml Birlou + 330 ml lager.
A delight!

The Russian Birlou

250 ml lager,
40 ml Birlou,
20 ml Vodka,
10 ml cinnamon syrup.
Pour the syrup first.
Add the vodka then the Birlou.
Fill with beer.

RAF. Roots And Fruits

30 ml Birlou,
30 ml Salers french bitter gentian liqueur.
A creative "raw glass",  expressing a "french terroir coquetels" spirit.

Birlou on the Beach

20 ml Birlou,
20 ml golden or dark rum,
10 ml sugar syrup,
10 ml of chestnut liqueur,
100 ml dry apple juice,
ice cubes.
Shake with ice and strain.


Le Birlou crumble

2cl Birlou,
20 ml Vodka,
20 ml Vanilla syrup,
1 pinch of cinnamon
Shake, strain and serve.
Add 40 ml of Soda.
Deco: fine granny apple slice.

Birlou Margarita

30 ml Birlou,
30 ml Tequila,
0.50 ml lemon juice,
0.50 ml lime juice.
Shake an strain or prepare direct in a Margarita glass with crushed ice.
By Sandbargrill, Perth, Australia

Birlou libre

40 ml Birlou,
200 ml cl tonic or cola.
Ice and lemon slice